Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Birthday Party Ideas and Planning

There will be many memorable moments about your child as they grow up and one of the them will be the first birthday party.

The first birthday party will the first of many memorable moments you will have with your child. It will be best to start planning as early as possible and gather as many first birthday party ideas because this event will only happens ones in your child’s life. Get family members and friends to be active involved with the planning and executing because there will be most likely going to be problem solving before the event. I will mention a few important aspects to ensure that your child’s first birthday party will be unique and successful.

Sending Invitations to friends and family

There’s no point of planning this great first birthday party if nobody is going to be there so the first most important step will be to create and send the invitations as early as possible so that your friends and family have enough time to plan and keeping that day open.

Be creative when it comes to the invitations, you will save a lot of money by doing the invitations yourself and by doing so, it will make it so much more special. Things you can do is like putting a photo of your baby on the outside of the invitation and inside write small message like special moments you had with your child and give a short description of what your child had meant for you, what is the meaning or how did you decide on your child’s name. Don’t be afraid to use colours and different fabrics to make the invitation interesting.

It is better to deliver the first birthday party invitations by hand but for the people that is not living close to you, post it to them and follow up to make sure that they have received there invitation.

Birthday Party Food and Decorations

Now you have to start to think about how u going to feed your guest. There are two ways you can go about this, one will be where you will take your guest to a nice restaurant where you don’t have to stress about preparing food or if you have the time, you could entertain your guest at your home. Its good to do some research before hand and get birthday party food ideas and find out from your guest what they would like to have. Try to make most of the food one day prior to the party, this will give you more time to sort out other things you didn’t plan for or came up the last minute.

Don’t forget the first birthday cake because the cake will be the center point of attention at some point of the party. Here are a few first birthday party cake ideas which can help you to decide on a cake.

Another thing that you can do one day prior to the birthday is the decorations, this takes quiet a bit of time and work so make sure you have enough hands to help you. Use colourful balloons and streamers to decorate your place. There are people that will help you with supplies and ideas so it will be good to see what they have.

For the mommies that are working full time and having a problem of planning all of this, don’t stress because there are professional people that has done this for many years, there are many services that can help you with the food, decorations, planning, invitations, entertainment, cakes.

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

This is going to be a exciting and fun day for the adults and children you it will be a good idea to have some sort of entertainment for everybody. Keep in mind that we are working with children here so you should choose something where they not going to hurt themselves. Getting a clown would be my first chose, kids love them and it’s the safest form of entertainment for them. Another great idea that most people use is jumping castles, it something that is going to keep the kids busy the whole day and at the same they getting exercise for there young growing bodies.

Everybody enjoys music and it helps to get your guest in a party mood so I will recommend to get a Dj because they have a large variety of music to choose from.

What ever you decide to do for your child that day, I ensure you that all the time and money you put in will be worth it at the end of the day.